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How to add a store on 1001Coupons ?

You are looking to be referenced on our website : it's possible and it's free of charge !

Conditions :

- only U.S. based business and website
- representant, mlm... website are non autorized to apply
- your store must have a professional domain name (no free hosting or subdirectory)
- your shop must offer discount codes as regularly as possible
- you must insert a backlink to 1001coupons on your website

When this is done, send us the following informations :
- Store name
- Short description (100 char. max.)
- Logo (100 x 40 pixels)
- URL where located our backlink*

Choose a backlink to insert on your website (and a logo if you want) respectful of google guideline

your text +

<a href="" rel="nofollow">put your text here</a>

logo coupon logo coupon logo coupon logo coupon

or one of them

<a href=""></a>

About the backlink. 1001coupons backlink must be on your home page or webpage accessible from a link from your home page during all our partnership. No fake page or farm links allowed. Please do not place the link on site wide !. Thanks

I want to add my store on 1001coupons !

Store name
Email (again)
URL of reciprocal link
Short description

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